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This Easter weekend have been the busiest weekend out of all weekends.
Had my youth groups church lock-in. Being around teenagers for all night will drain your energy.
Then woke up at 5am on Sunday for Sunrise Service.
On the way to the Sunrise Service, I hit a deer.
Then had Easter Service at 11am.
Then went outside to play sports with my youth group students.
Then did yard work for about 5 hours.

I do not know how I am surviving at this moment, but there is one thing that is keeping me alive and well:


I am not a silent person.
I am very uncomfortable around silence.
Yet, God is teaching me how to be silent.
Not silent as in my actual voice, but as in plugging out the noises in my life and listening to Jesus.
Because when I am silent, God shows me who I really am.
I don’t like to admit who I really am because it’s dirty.
It’s perverted.
I have perverted who God wants me to be by wanting to be what I want to be.
God is constantly trying to speak to me but I drown out His voice with my noises.
I am afraid to hear his voice because I don’t want Him to tell me what I am doing wrong.

But the truth is this:
When I sit in silence and listen to Jesus’s voice, all I can hear is,

“I love you Shin. I love you for who I made you to be. I love you just as you are.”

When I hear that, tears start to roll down my cheeks.
There is something in that silence that gives me peace.
There is something in that silence that gives me comfort, that embraces.
By plugging out my own noises, Jesus was able to enter my heart and tell me the love that He has for me.

“Jesus, help me to unplug the noises in my life that distracts me away from You.
All I desire is to sit at your feet, gaze upon Your beauty, and soak in Your love.”

What are the noises in your life that needs to be unplugged?
May you be able to sit in silence to listen to His voice.

-Anchoring Love



2 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Great post, Shin. Thanks for the reminder.

    Posted by Kelvin | April 10, 2012, 7:29 pm

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